Thoughts on Feynman…

Part of a paper I was working on quite some time back, some useful stuff in it. Not saying any of it is all accurate, but as time moves on, I’m trying to capture some sense of the original master’s ideas in my own studies. qed_commentary1

Final Results (E3)

Even not calibrated we are seeing some interesting results upon start up the simulator. It appears that neutrinos, though very light, have the same mass distribution as the other families of particles (ie. quarks, leptons) in that they have a magnitude pattern of 1:100:1000 (or 1:3:4 on a LOG graph). This is encouraging because it … More Final Results (E3)

Nuclear in Space Finally Here?

Interesting article. Apparently NASA has received funding for quite a few different “goodies”. Quote from article: “NASA nuclear propulsion: Provides $35 million for advancing the technologies for nuclear thermal propulsion to make space flight “significantly faster” than current propulsion options. “The ongoing propulsion development work done at Marshall Space Flight Center will further NASA’s exploration … More Nuclear in Space Finally Here?

Steven Hawking

Have been reading and viewing Hawking and wanted to put some links up here: On Planetary Colonization Creation of the Universe Part I Creation of the Universe Part II

Electron Neutrino Simulated (EXPER)

Managed to get together an explainable version of an electron neutrino model in EXPER simulations using FEM “arithmetic”. Excited about this as it leads to an elusive part of EXPER’s catalog of predicted particle models: the neutrino. Here is the paper explaining its production and incorporation of practical methodologies to allow true collision-type interactions:¬†exper_neutrino_announcement1