Yemen Rainfall Study

Writing that paper on Islamic jurisprudence got me thinking about other parts of the Arab world. I found out there is a humanitarian crisis going on there so I thought this might be helpful. They get sufficient rainfall that they can do a lot more indigenous agriculture if they were so motivated. An interesting fact … More Yemen Rainfall Study

Thoughts on Sharia Law

Have been thinking of Islamic Sharia lately, their culture is fascinating, I have to say. sharia_law_draft 6 Unedited. Basically covers fundamentals of Muslim religious law. I learned a lot. Excerpts from my memoirs… glimpses_of_our_time  

Proof of Exper/Vertex

Writing a paper based on a successful computer simulation hybridizing EV equations/algorithms with the Schrodinger’s equation. Here is an advanced copy of it: proof_of_EV proof_of_EV  (with code base attached, expanded version from above) Vertexian_Entanglement1  (quantum/cosmic entanglement, Apple Version lol )  

Thoughts on Feynman…

Part of a paper I was working on quite some time back, some useful stuff in it. Not saying any of it is all accurate, but as time moves on, I’m trying to capture some sense of the original master’s ideas in my own studies. qed_commentary1

Final Results (E3)

Even not calibrated we are seeing some interesting results upon start up the simulator. It appears that neutrinos, though very light, have the same mass distribution as the other families of particles (ie. quarks, leptons) in that they have a magnitude pattern of 1:100:1000 (or 1:3:4 on a LOG graph). This is encouraging because it … More Final Results (E3)