Stanford Systems Announcing development of Guidance Firmware and internal Information Infrastructure

<copy of press release on Stanford Systems Professional Blog>

We’re finally at that point! We’ve chosen a development environment and design methodology (as outlined in our white papers on the subject) that will add finite-element modeling that is necessary to work out the force-torque-inertia characteristics of our first major design, the D Beta manned rocket.

We have determined that the MinGW implementation of GCC (the GNU C compiler) has sufficient reliability, speed and functionality to address all of our back-end computational needs. Its first duties will be the construction of FEM models of the D-Beta (and the various HPR rockets that we’ll need to test the fin guidance methodology that the larger rocket will require). Firmware, and its source code, for the experimental Flight Computer Unit (name will be forthcoming) will be available for download by serious enthusiasts that are interested in the methodologies, algorithms and coding necessary to implement a real-world rocket guidance system. USA distribution only.

The D-Beta’s flight computer will only implement a parabolic-trajectory autopilot, with roll negation.

Final integration will be civilian only as the main avionic in the very short duration ascent phase of the rocket’s mission. In layman’s terms it just actuates the rocket’s fins in such a way for it to land in a proscribed area.

Initial work will take weeks, but we anticipate having Daedalus Personal Spacecraft LLC’s internal Information Infrastructure in place at the end of this time, defining and implementing the base fundamentals and assumptions that will determine all future computing techniques and approaches for our suborbital birds. This includes FEM and dynamic modeling of both test-bed and operational vehicles.


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