Exciting New Developments in “Complex Mass”

A project that we have been working on for quite some time is to explain quantum phenomenon in terms of space-time curvature, also known as the grand unification of relativity with quantum mechanics or the “Theory of Everything”. Einstein and other scientists predicted that this Grand Unification Theory would eclipse the two theories providing greater insights into the inner, hidden workings of reality itself.
We have devised several models of various fundamental particles that we “collide” in computer simulations hoping to achieve this goal. The unique aspect of our models is that they are expressed entirely in terms of spacial curvature (something until this point has only been applied successfully to stars and other large objects, using gravity as the distorting influence). We believe that testing these tiny models based on spacial curvature are not just indicative of nuclear interactions but reflect their underlying reality of the subatomic particles they represent.
Its an interesting premise this: if our quantum models are based on space-time curvature, and we prove that their behavior is identical to that of real atomic particles, then we have achieved GUT. Correct?

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