Updates on What’s Happening…

Too many good things going on to have a blog entry for each one so I’ll just post the list here.

On the scientific front:

  • Our interim report paper reports our latest findings on complex mass. We are currently in process of going over all of the code and looking for possible explanations for what we saw.
  • Finally have the Positron-Up Quark Mass Ratio paper written. I’m thinking is “verified” (still a minor theory but I’ve looked over the reasoning and it looks good). If it can be proven by other scientists, a step closer to Grand Unification.

On the rocketry front:

  • Finally have my FEM modelling set up internally so looking forward to transferring 3 designs to it here in the near future.
  • Seriously thinking about coming out with a version that will run under Windows 10  (still thinking about the compensation for something like that) for the advanced HPR or Private Aerospace enthusiast.
  • Some bad news: have had to increase some of the prices for kits and manuals by a small margin. Just looking at costs.

On the personal front:

  • Have a new girlfriend, Dr. Erin Williams, and might be joining the team here at Stanford Systems. Just thought I’d mention that lol.

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