Please read My Latest Blog Entry

I felt it important enough to mention here on my home page, what I was saying on my blog about the EXPER project. A lot of you might have heard stirrings of findings regarding this project that probes the inner structure of nucleons and quarks. Here is a hyperlink to it: Good news! We finally … More Please read My Latest Blog Entry

Here at last! Stanford Systems Chemicals Catalog!

We’ve decided to release our old chemicals catalog for HPR and AM/EX rocketry supplies and items. If you need powdered oxidizers (potassium and ammonium nitrate) especially, please check out our offerings here or by selecting the DIY Motor Kit & Supplies tab. Prices and shipping are better than reasonable and the product in a beautiful crystalline fine flake … More Here at last! Stanford Systems Chemicals Catalog!

New Scientific Papers and Manuals

Check out the VERTEX page as we’ve been documenting like crazy, especially the post-game analysis of the EXPER series of 5-Dimensional computer simulations of subatomic particles. Wit the success of the project, we’ve already started work on the next one, called FUN which stands for “the fundamental equation of space-time”. We saw some things during the … More New Scientific Papers and Manuals