Daedalus preliminary design finished.

We are pleased to announce that our original projections are born out in simulation that we can indeed produce a true suborbital rocket that will propel one or two people to an altitude of 330,000 (62 miles) high.

I would like to remind people that my entrance into the original X Prize was stymied by my schizophrenia and I am bound and determined to overcome this ugly disease by building this rocket and proving to my friend, and myself, that I could have not only competed but even won the X-Prize purse.

We are thinking about releasing the plans of this manned rocket to interested parties for free so long as they supply some critical documentation. I want to see this thing build and A.S.A.P so we are thinking of taking a chance on this. We sell the plans already, but we intend to GIVE you a set of plans (complete with simulation data expressed in ANSI C, complete motor design and module expressed in 2D drafting format, the electronic version that you can print out on a wide-format printer) for ZERO dollars USD.

See our Advanced Sales page if you are interested in obtaining one of these constructed vehicles.



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