Possibility of Quantum Gravity Finding

New developments with EXPER-VERTEX has lead to the possibility of a logical theory of quantum gravity emerging through a clever inversion of the EXPER algorithm. We are excited about this as it might contribute to one (if not the one) of the grails of modern physics.

Just a brief announcement to bookmark this moment in time.

Addendum: here is the crux of it though. I had it in PR document that explains how it works:

… EXPER has an interesting view on Quantum Gravity. There are various subdisciplines in physics, of which the more popular ones look at gravity from the point of view of particles or very advanced theories. EXPER technically uses an older paradigm that draws off of Einstein’s earlier work.

Any theory, problem or whatever is like this:

There is already the proven gravity theory of the curved dimensionality of Relativity, correct? EXPER is classified as a GU (Grand Unification) approach. Most people I don’t think are aware of this, but EXPER takes as one of its fundamental assumptions (part of its “context”) that particles are comprised of relativistic curved space. If EXPER, the theory, is ever proven, the theory of quantum gravity pops out of the context…


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