Mr. Woodward Stanford is an accomplished software and electrical engineer living in Phoenix, Arizona.

My main source of income comes through a combination of software and hardware development ranging from LAMP stack development on the software side, to completing difficult hardware tasks using firmware-programmed PIC chips instead of more expensive analog design.

However, I enjoy very much my interests and hobbies that I many times branch out into other side businesses to provide my fellow enthusiasts with difficult-to-source, bleeding-edge and usually at-cost parts and technical know-how to allow them to push the boundaries, be creative and bring impossible things into reality.

Some of these areas include rocket propulsion, rocket guidance and instrumentation, application development with LAMP stacks (WAMPServer usually) and anything else I can think of that will help the interested reader reach their personal goals.

Thank you!

print(“testing PHP is on..its on.\n\n”);


My resume can be downloaded here. I need it in a handy location myself.


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