A new project for me…I have been brewing up some great new recipes in my kitchen for the price-conscious drinker.

As always, I take a unique approach to the mainstream. Instead of tutorials on how to use expensive pre-packaged kits or craftsmanship that borders on OCD, I have figured out how to brew at home the easiest recipes to go from common, inexpensive supermarket-sourced materials that can be completed, ready to drink in only about 2 weeks.

Safety is paramount and a lot of thought has been given to making your finished beverages both palatable and healthy.

Recipes for a DIY Margarita, a “4 Loco” Clone, and gorgeous, high-proof apple cider that focus on low prep and brewing times, cheap locally-sourced ingredients, and so easy to understand that the complete and utter beginner can go from web site directly to case of tasty, hearty beverage sitting on your fridge’s rack.


This site is currently under construction as I write the tutorials and manuals necessary to show you how to brew up these delights. Will have it up before the end of this month though I hope.

Virtually all of my recepes use an inexpensive variant of the famous “superyeast” distiller’s yeast. You can pick this up for next to nothing (with free shipping) from our friends at:

Liquor Quick Turbo Superyeast

They handle all the payment and fulfilment for me, so when asking about your order or specific product related questions, please contact them direct. Its why I have them as my drop shipper. Its the Liquor Qwik brand that you get for $10 with free shipping that we use in the recipes.


Download the first draft of the Brewkits Manual for FREE by clicking here.




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