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Suborbital Rocketry


I agonized long and hard about how I wanted to market this idea, and then it dawned on me. I remembered the days reading Popular Science in my “restroom library” and knew the format I would take to explain this.

Who I Am?

I’m one of the leading theoretical guys in Amateur/Experimental Rocketry and Private Aerospace these days, and have been for the last 10 years. I used to make money hand-over-fist selling rocket kits, advanced electronics and literally tons of chemicals at rock-bottom prices to the AM/EX and HPR communities. Aside from my Software Development business, I was taking home at least 80K per year doing what I was doing, and was associated with the original Ansari X Prize..

I know my business, and I know how to make money in my business!

Profit Potential up to 1600%

Quite a few people knew the profit margins I was running back in the day, and I am releasing a bold, new business idea, a franchise, to my friends on the Internet. I need you to make this goal a reality and am willing to make you massive amounts of money in the process. And you can start today!

The Idea

It started with Virgin Galactic’s survey of how much people would be willing to pay if they could get a ticket to space. The original numbers were something like a sizeable portion of the population would pay around $100,000 for a ticket. However, a few crashes later, and a lot of people basically saying “Well, I’ve always wanted to go to space, but the more I think about it, that’s A LOT of money for just an hour trip” the market has changed. But a profit opportunity has emerged…

What if you could realize your dreams of becoming an Astronaut in (1) complete safety, and (2) for only $35 per flight? Would you go for this? I know I would in a heart beat. How many people could YOU sign up for a deal like this? I know I could sign up a BUNCH OF PEOPLE!

In the design and development of the D-Beta Suborbital Rocket, we have developed a simulator that will be used to Flight Certify people for the D-Beta Rocket. My company is willing to certify them, putting our good name as an industry leader behind it.

It Get’s Better…

We have devised a two-pronged approach for the real go-getter out there. This is not a venture for the timid, the technical or the under-motivated. We need some real hucksters out there but that are dedicated and serious enough to run a basic Aerospace business.

By selling flights at State Fairs, Baseball games and other Sporting Events, Swap Meets, Malls, even Parking Lots and any other place you can park the simulator and an official full-sized D-Beta replica (a full 16 feet tall), you can charge $15 per flight. We give them a Certificate of Completion that they can take home and frame if they have a successful flight.


An example of a Space Shuttle Simulator

We do this to find serious customers who want to become Flight Certified in reality. Those that are willing to go through the complete simulator training back at your offices which is almost as ridiculously low priced as the event version but HIGHLY profitable for you! $35 per flight and multiple flights required for actual certification.

The Franchise

For $25K, we can set you up with the training, the official full-size replica of the D-Beta rocket (as it will appear when released for public sales) and the flight simulator, complete with the support of an established industry leader, Stanford Systems. And a whole ton of other goodies like marketing materials, banners, foam-board presentations and posters for the walls, training manuals, more than we can say here.

But we need people with a killer instict, who aren’t afraid to get on the phones for several hours per day, exhaustivly contacting potential venues to erect the rocket and pull in customers. We also need them to be technically minded and stable.

Also, when the real D-Beta and other models, become available we also need dealers in the various metropolitan areas across the US.

An Example

Let’s say you really attack it and set up four 6-hour events in one week. Each flight lasts 15 minutes, and you charge $15 for it (cash, or credit card with reservation through web site). You line them up and get them quickly in and out of the simulator:

4 days/week x 6/hours per day x 4 customers per hour x $15 per flight


$1,440 CASH per week

They can experience suborbital space flight in a certified flight simulator for next to nothing, in complete safety in the comfort of their own neighbourhood. Who wouldn’t go for this?

What if your events are so busy, you need to run two simulators? That’s $2880 per week, or about $150,000 per year. Food for thought.


Working one on one with interested clients

And this doesn’t include the easy money you’ll make back at your office, the events being your infallible marketting machine that will drive customers back to your location. Some Dad asks “OK, the certificate is great for the kid but how do I actually become an astronaut, I mean flight certified for a suborbital rocket”. Then you just hand him the brochure for that.

Getting Started!

If what you have read piques your interest, we would love to talk to you. Drop us an email at and we can send you some more literature.

But I did promise you that you could get started today. The cost of the franchise is $25,000 USD and we require half up-front and the remaining half when we deliver you all the items (we have a big list of things we send you). But you can get the process started today by Paypal’ing us $12,500 through clicking here. We also accept cashiers checks via certified mail.

Example pages of draft of Franchise Agreement