The reason we are covering donations is because of the difficulty in finding capitalization in today’s economy. The Daedalus PSC is impossible to build without serious capitalization so we are working in-house on the D-Beta rocket, one that I can build with available materials and expertise.

It reminds me of aviation back in the early 20th century that for decades, intrepid souls would build flying machines anyway they could. In their garages, in workspaces, continually pushing the art and science forward. Today we have large commercial airliners that are useful in ferrying passengers between various points all over the world, and I anticipate Private Aerospace doing the same thing over the upcoming years.

However, with the lack of funding forthcoming, I have to find other ways to press this goal forward. Hence, solicitation of donated supplies, work facilities, machining processes, etc. etc.

I don’t consider this a failure, in fact I’m welcoming the chance for it to be an organic, long-term process whereby I can forge relationships, both personal and business, and enjoy the time focusing on coding, designing and implementing.

I anticipate what we learn with the D-Beta to be directly applicable to the Daedalus (when we build it). There isn’t much difference, I think, in the over-all approach between the two rockets, so all the data and lessons learned can be directly ported over to the new project when the capitalization becomes available.

In the mean time though, I’d like to put out there a short list of items we need so that those that could help can.

List of Required Donated Items

  • Turning and machining services.
  • Welding and metal fabrication services.
  • Composite manufacturing service and supplies
  • Long-term workspace similar to what you would need to put an experimental aircraft together in.
  • Computer and electronic equipment (O-scopes, PIC programmers, SBC’s like Beagleboard and the Raspberry PI) as well as your more mundane computer equipment like desktop PC’s
  • Interim financing in the form of monetary contributions via Paypal.
  • Chemical supplies including engineered EPDM lines, ammonium perchlorate oxidizer, R45 binder, Papi hardener, and powdered metallic aluminum.
  • Small cranes and other equipment that can be used for vehicle recovery
  • Time and effort on the part of legal professionals and industry experts to communicate with the FAA (and other government and business entities) to gain authorization to launch, and the necessary licensing to carry out business on a day to day basis.

We are trying to build a real rocket here, folks, and we need you help to do it in the short-term. I have no doubt that these things will come to us over time, but I need to be proactively soliciting those pieces of equipment, tools and services to be taken seriously as a rocket designer and manufacturer.

We will be receiving funding at some point, I’m sure of this, but until then I would ask my friends and professional colleagues to help in our effort to push forward the science and art of manned rocket construction.

I need someone to make one of these things and donate it (you know what I mean…I might buy/equity it if I can find capitalization):
Example of smaller, commercially available Delta
Basically a Delta-Type 3D Printer that has a bed with a diameter of 4.5 feet. Let me know if you can do stuff like this and we can collaborate. Thanks in advance.

As always, my work is consuming more money than its making. If you like the quality of research so far, please underwrite me to whatever degree you can and this will free me up to continue working.

Thank you!


These are some of the people who have contributed thus far:

Gold Plan

Alison Stanford

Lamarr Stanford



Silver Plan

Asa Stanford



Paul Kenjora

B. Harper