We are working on a suite of various Windows 10 executables that will be available for download here in the near future. Check back in the next few weeks, months for various programs you can download.

Probably a mixture of freeware and shareware, with the more serious versions paid (reasonable as always).

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MATBETA: complete source code and console executables for DBeta and DBeta Plus FEM models and software. Runs on Windows and UNIX and can be modified as long as you have a standard 32-bit (or higher) C complier.



Matbeta 0.89 Alpha – Build 3

Download the advanced release of the MATBETA set of console-based utilities here.



EXPER Package: compatible with Windows and UNIX platforms; includes our FEM models for nucleon interaction over a 5 dimensional domain. Click here to download.
Understanding Exper: this PDF user’s manual for the EXPER software package goes in to so much detail, code and theory, that if you can’t download and build the EXPER package itself, this is a great overview of our findings and exactly what this project was all about. *** This paper is almost as good as building the original package, as it contains theory and representative outputs from the original source code ***


GC Version 1.1 – 2D Realtime Graphics Support for UN*X CLI’s (Academic)


Download the Windows 8/9/10 32/64-bit Alpha prototype from here. Uses generic .NET installer so should uninstall perfectly. :

GC Version 1.1 Alpha (ZIP)

Note: do allow scanning for viruses, but blow past all warnings that its “unsigned”.

GC Users ManualGC Manual in PDF (4/2/2017)

Zip File with Code Examples in C/C++:

Matching GRAPH.C source code (ANSI/POSIX-compliant):

Just include it at the top of your program, a la: #include “graph.c” to write the base graphics files that GC reads.

Screen Videos illustrating the technology:

A laptop-based debugger/monitor for a supercomputer model?

How about a tablet-based display for commercial/industrial sensing and control IoT-style?



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Figure 1: Hercule Module Version of the Hercules Colonial Mission


X3D representation of a Daedalus PSC