Investment in Stanford Systems

We have been putting out our shingle looking for venture or traditional capitalization here in Arizona for quite some time (about the last year in earnest) pursuing funds from such companies as Microventures and Angellist but still don’t have a place to call home when it comes to fueling our efforts with real money.

I feel a lot more comfortable handling the investment side of things personally now. I’m a “grip-and-grin” kind of guy naturally and love to mingle with interesting people and fellow enthusiasts, so I feel a sense of relief at this decision.



Typical Designs of Stanford Systems



…just BETTER than regular, run-of-the-mill supernova’s, Molech just “keeps on bringing it”….Woodward Stanford, Soft. Eng, Stanford Systems.


An example of our unique holographic/physical (aka axion/neutrino technology) cluster creation. Improving the Universe every day.


We have a lot of very practical ideas with a lot of design and work behind them. I’ve never been so productive but the financial picture has to change radically. I’m tired of having opportunities killed by not having the necessary resources with which to actively pursue them.

Also, I am getting some really great offers out of State that I’m having difficulty saying no to, but I want to keep Stanford Systems an Arizona based company. Arizona interestingly enough doesn’t have that much indigenous aerospace talent, most of it being though subcontract type arrangements through academic and commercial institutions.

Please continue donating as this money goes directly into facilities and equipment we need to take designs in flight computer prototypes, airframes and powerplants and realize them in real life.

If you have financial resources available we would love to show you some presentations, business plans and our designs generally. With UAV Servos going for about $500 a piece and 24 packs of Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries for $300, we need a lot of money coming in so our development isn’t stunted by practical concerns. I’m just saying, we’d love to talk with you.

Contact us today via email at  and we can talk.

Yours Sincerely,

Woody Stanford, Owner

Stanford Systems