New Paper on AXION approach to Grand Unification.

Its finally here: the FUN project. This project implements the FUN theorem, an axion -based space-time simulator used to programmatically study subatomic particles. Using some of Einstein’s earlier work expressing space as curved dimensionality we believe we are close to proving Grand Unification. Even a theory of Quantum Gravity will pop out of the work … More New Paper on AXION approach to Grand Unification.

Deuteron Puzzle

One of the big things in physics these days is the “deuteron puzzle” explaining the slight decrease in size of a hydrogen nucleus between electronic and a “muonic” orbital. Classic quantum mechanics considers the nucleus inviolate from such puny forces like EM effecting nuclear and color forces, so this is quite the mystery. Will be releasing … More Deuteron Puzzle

Ethics and Artificial Intelligene

I’m contemplating entering AI X-Prize at some point, and had some thoughts about this competition specifically and of artificial intelligence generally. You can download this paper and read it from the VERTEX page, or from this link directly. ai_ethics2 I just wanted to get something out there on the issue, as I think its important.