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InterROC: Use our amazing line of online calculators for rocket and motor design.

*** Other chemicals, supplies, and items coming soon! ***


 Potassium Nitrate

Pure crystalline technical grade KNO3 in quantities you need. Price breaks at 5, 10 and 25 lbs. Contact via email to place order for now. Perfect for rocketry or pyrotechnic.


1-5 lbs….$5.00/lb

5-10 lbs…$4.00/lb

10-25 lbs..$3.50/lb

25 plus lbs…$3.00/lb


 Ammonium Nitrate

Pure crystalline technical grade NH4NO3 in quantities you need. Price breaks at 5, 10 and 25 lbs. Contact via email to place order for now. Perfect for rocketry or pyrotechnic.


1-5 lbs….$5.00/lb

5-10 lbs…$4.00/lb

10-25 lbs..$3.50/lb

25 plus lbs…$3.00/lb

Until we get up our actual e-commerce site, please order via email at Just send us the chemical name, the quantity (in pounds, 1 lb minimum) your ZIP code, and we will send you back the complete price (S&/H and applicable taxes).

Payment via paypal preferably, money order possible. Send to our payment processing email at Paypal. Once payment is received and verified, we will ship your order.

Full Money-Back Guarantee

3-5 days shipping time (we only send via UPS Ground for safety and legal reasons).

Any questions or concerns, contact us at our contact emails or via the contact form here.



DIY Rocket Motor Kits

The original Stanford Systems – – offered a DIY rocket motor kit that allowed you to build HPR-class rocket motors out of commonly available materials using some thermodynamic wizardry. We are selling this kit again soon.


The kit includes: manual/software, R45 resin, PAPI hardener, 3 casting fixtures, 4 motor casing kits, durham’s water putty, nozzle casting fixture, inert propellant simulant. Unlike the original kit, it uses a composite propellant rather than “candy” (KNO3/Sucrose) propellant. Also it doesn’t ship with actual chemicals but gypsum-based powder that allows you to practice rocket motor construction in complete safety. Of course, the downside is that the motors cannot be immediately used for propelling an AM/EX or HPR rocket.

Price is $79 USD plus S/H (email us for a quote on how much it will cost to ship it to you). We are planning in a few months to offer the same kind of kit for “candy” propellant (KNO3/Sucrose) for $99 USD+ S/H (it includes the special aluminium melting pot to cast the grains).

IMPORTANT: We are anticipating a rush on these kits as they haven’t been available for years, so if you would like to advance order a kit, please email us at and indicate your desire to be placed on the advanced order list. No deposit is required to be on this list. Another email will be sent out to you when they become available and orders will be filled in order of this list.


Q: Can I obtain the AP/AN/PSAN and the aluminum powder myself through a chemical house and build the active version?

A: Yes, that is the intent of this kit. I just want to be able to ship it without HAZMAT charges. The motors are designed to be used with active chemicals…those chemicals are just not included in the kit. Obtain them off of eBay, Firefox or a technical-grade chemical supplier and substitute for the inert propellant simulant. They will consistantly and safely propellant your hobby rocket to the desired altitude.

Q: What other differences are there between these kits and the original kits?

A: The manual has been rewritten and expanded with applications to larger rockets, we’ve already covered that the kits are inert but can be activated by buying the proper chemicals from another source, the motors are larger, and they substitute professional-grade materials like paper-phenolic liners and tubular EPDM rubber for the older versions you had to work yourself (takes a lot less time to assemble them and leads to a safer, more reliable, final motor).

Q: Is the old offer of unlimited bargan-basement reload kits still good?

A: Yes, but only with/after the purchase of the kit. After kit purchase you can order as many reload kits as you desire (includes PVC motor casing, PP grain liners, tubular EPDM casing liner, and PVC plastic bulkheads). Just source the resin and propellants and you can build working single-use AM/EX/HPR motors all day! (For example, cost for a 12″x2.5″ motor reload kit is $7.99)

Q: “Cum on, cum on, Stanford! You KNOW the real reason why we’re here! Tell us that you are offering the bargain-basement priced bulk chemicals you used to! I’m tired of paying full pop for them.” (an actual email lol)

A: That’s actually a great question. Here’s the short answer: if there is still demand for for these products, I’ll relaunch my cheap bulk chemical supply. I’ll know by the number of mtor kits if you guys want this stuff again so….MAYBE! lol Keep in touch via email and pester me from time to time and I’ll see what I can do.


Example test “bird” used by Stanford Systems these days: