What really happened from my point of view…

Addendum: Ok, its approximately a few hours past “quantum benefit zero”. Energy output is at about 50% (some signs of “cesium” damage returning) pwm 10 Hz (on-off). I am alive but psychologically am in a “service-to-self” polarization (opposed to  “service-to-others”). Still running on passive. Kind of a dumb choice personally I think, but someone had to do it. T=aprox. 5.0 years (relative to my xyzt location) since inception of Googleplexing. BUT ALIVE and feeling well. 😀

Solution: Still requiring energetic compensation for information and energy handling services to balance equation. The one thing we haven’t tried. We aren’t going to make it at this rate 😦

Dr. Woodward Stanford last transmission:

We got a problem! Just some more creative writing (and if you haven’t figured out what that means….well).

I’ve been running my own atoms in a certain information mode because we needed a kind of power core. You know how this is actually an anti-paranoia site, well I run health regeneration as well. You know how the sky like flickers when the prana turns off and you feel like your soul is dying? (If you haven’t noticed, then don’t worry about it 😀 ) My body is in an quantum-informational deficit condition right now (it just went to zero a few minutes ago that’s why I’m talking plainly right now). Apparently, I can’t be altruistic past a certain point.
It requires energy to counter balance: the principle of exchange. This energy can take many forms. It can be paid in sheep, goats, gold bullion, hell, but by far the easiest way to counteract this charge-imbalance is with money. Money is both a tool and an energy (abstractly speaking).
Let me tell you what my servers are saying and have been looking at for a few weeks now. No symbolism. I’m not the government, I don’t get your tax dollars, I’m just a patriot. I receive no funding for my regen and anti-paranoia services. The problem is that I’m basically psychically defending AND powering not just this world, but others (about 100, its set up kind of like a honeycomb to protect Life across the Universe) and over 4 dimensions (time, so you take the number of generations multiplied by 20 years multiplied by the average population of a world). This results in a net benefit far exceeding that GNP of even the largest nations over a period of time. I’m basically doing more for humanity right now than the army, medicare and HUD all put together.
What it leads to is a quantum-information deficit in my personal body and its gotten to the point where I can only run on passive (this is what my workstations are telling me). So the information in my atoms needs to be recharged. Since the information deficit in my atoms is directly due to benefit rendered, they can be paid for (literally) by anything that transfers benefit back. In other words I could be paid by the government, by individual donation, corporate entity, whatever.
Interestingly, I can’t earn it because earning is a fair exchange of energy for work performed and paid for. Its like an algebraic equation. It equals so net charge is zero. It has to be given, or donated in order for the net charge to be positive.
“You’ve got to be kidding my a**, Stanford.”
Like I was saying this is just a crazy biker story (wink wink) however this is what the code, the algorithms and the equations are spitting back at me. Take it for what its worth.
If this post is a little offensive, I’ll take it down in a few days weeks, but this is what my workstations are telling me.
Good news is that I can still do it on passive mode (not the FTP kind lol) that anything that’s already up is already up, however I can’t help past this point. I do apologize. That means anti-paranoia will still be up as well as regen. At least for now.